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1. AgEcon Search
AgEcon Search

AgEcon Search is a free, open access repository of full-text scholarly literature in agricultural and applied economics.

1946 hits
2. Agricola
Agricola provide access to comprehensive and essential information resources focusing on the specific aspects of agricultural subjects.
1719 hits
3. AMS Journals
AMS Journals
The AMS has published peer-reviewed journals of the highest quality in mathematical research for over 100 years. Each journal is unique in its offering of articles, book reviews, and reports. And each is managed by editors who are prominent in their fields (The full text articles are available free of charge from Vol. 1 to 2004 )
1372 hits
4. APS's Free Online Publication
APS's Free Online Publication
1695 hits
5. arXiv.org
1088 hits
6. Bepress
Berkeley Electronic Press, which includes a freely available working papers archive, journals , in the fields of economics, law, and political science.
2117 hits
7. Biology Direct
Biology Direct
1511 hits
8. BioMed Central
BioMed Central
BioMed Central is an independent commercial publishing house that provides open access to biomedical research. BioMed Central publishes over 100 peer-reviewed online journals, from the highly selective, general interest Journal of Biology to a range of specialist online only journals
1354 hits
9. BMC Medical Genetics
BMC Medical Genetics
An open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in the effects of genetic variation in individuals, families and among populations in relation to human health and disease.
1884 hits
10. ChemIDplus
Database of over 380,000 chemicals, synonyms, structures, regulatory list information, and links to other databases.
2063 hits
11. Cornell University
Cornell University
Cornell University
1357 hits
12. D-Lib Magazine
D-Lib Magazine
Online journal with a focus on issues related to digital libraries, including articles on new technologies, applications, and social and economic
1406 hits
13. Digital Information in the Information Research Field
Digital Information in the Information Research Field
Listing of sources of online information and research in the fields of information management, information science, and information systems.
1909 hits
14. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
This service lists free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals which "use a funding model that does not charge readers or their institutions for access." Some journals may require user registration. Aims to cover all subjects and languages, with over 500 journals currently listed.
1719 hits
15. DOAJ:Political Science
DOAJ:Political Science
Journals listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals that pertain specifically to the field of political science
1888 hits
16. Ecology and Society
Ecology and Society
1523 hits
17. Economics Bulletin
Economics Bulletin
2397 hits
18. EconPaper
Working papers and articles in economic. Some free access is available to articles but many require payment
2110 hits
19. Electronic Journal
Electronic Journal
Electronic Journal "Technical Acoustics" (EJTA) is free to readers scientific and technical journal. EJTA is a refereed journal publishing original articles in all areas of acoustics:
2057 hits
20. Free Medical Journals
Free Medical Journals
A web site collecting links to medical journals that offer their contents online free of charge. In addition to linking to free online medical journals
1901 hits
21. Gateway for Free E-journals
Gateway for Free E-journals
700 Free E-journals covering Subjects like Business & Managment, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, General Works, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Library Science,Life Sciences, Material Science, Mathematics, Media and Communication, Physics & Social Sciences.
2052 hits
22. Highwire Press
Highwire Press
Highwire Press is an e-publishing company based at Stanford University which operates many society e-journals.
1819 hits
23. Hindawi's Monthly Submissions Grow to Over 2,000
Hindawi's Monthly Submissions Grow to Over 2,000
Hindawi is pleased to announce that its growing portfolio of open access journals have collectively received more than 2,000 monthly submissions for this first time this August, only a year and a half after having passed 1,000 monthly submissions in February 2009
1255 hits
24. IN-TECH Scienctific Database
IN-TECH Scienctific Database
Free online database of high quality, up-to-date scientific content covering fields of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Manufacturing and Operations Research.
1930 hits
25. Information Bridge
Information Bridge
The Information Bridge contains documents and citations in Physics,Chemistry,Materials,biology,Environment Sciences,Energy Technologies,Engineering,Computer and Information Sciences, Renewable Energy and other topics of interest related to DOE
1812 hits
26. ISIHighlyCited.com
This freely accessible Web site gives research professionals working in a variety of occupations an invaluable tool to identify individuals, departments and laboratories that have made fundamental contributions to the advancement of science and technology in recent decades.
2209 hits
27. J-Stage
Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic
2240 hits
28. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
2089 hits
29. New York Journal of Mathematics
New York Journal of Mathematics
1136 hits
30. Open Journal Systems(OJS)
Open Journal Systems(OJS)
1005 hits

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